Vegetation Management

Targeted control and elimination, from pruning to mowing and everything in between.

Keeping Nature and Power in Balance

We consider ourselves purveyors of proper vegetation management, keeping the peace between nature and power so your constituents can live in the resulting harmony. Our field managers work with you to offer targeted control and elimination of unwanted vegetation in, around and near your power lines. We also understand that your needs may be driven by local government or environmental concerns, so we tailor our approach to your specific requirements and always comply with the latest NERC Reliability Standards.

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Every Method to Manage Your Needs

Tree pruning around power lines is only one tool in our arsenal of control methods. We also remove trees and brush using power saws and mowers, maintain proper vegetation through the judicious use of herbicides and tree growth regulators, identify and remove hazard trees and weeds and implement strategies to minimize incompatible species that sprout up in pipeline right-of-way paths. And, of course, we do it all with the utmost concern for the safety of our team, clients, communities and environment.

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A Combination of Control and Care

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All-encompassing control methods for minimal disruptions

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A consultative, tailored approach to your needs and terrain

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Compliance with the latest government regulations and standards

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A safer environment for utility workers and constituents

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Pipeline Right-of-Way

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Hazard Tree

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Emergency Storm

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Integrated Vegetation