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Tree trimming and maintenance are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our capabilities.
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Townsend service employee in a basket lift providing service to a dead and damaged tree

Safety in Every Service

No matter the service, our team approaches each job with the utmost care for the safety of both our crew and your constituents.

Integrated Vegetation Management

A systematic and consultative approach to keeping right-of-way paths clear, using multiple controlled methods developed over years of experience.

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Vegetation Management

All aspects and methods used to manage, control or eliminate vegetation from a public area, private property or right-of-way.

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Emergency Storm Response

Post-storm emergency tree and vegetation clearance services including the pruning, removal and clearing of any damaged trees.

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Hazard Tree Programs

Methods to manage trees that are dead, dying or highly likely to fall in a dangerous manner, putting bystanders at risk.

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Pipeline Right-of-Way Clearance

The trimming, pruning, removal and clearing of debris or vegetation, or the vacating of structures or hazards causing obstruction.

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Don't See the Service You Need?

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Townsend Employee providing service to a tree via basket lift

Seeking Residential Tree Service?

Our sister company, Townsend Arborcare, has the pros for the job.

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