Pipeline Right-of-Way Clearance

Keeping pipeline right-of-way paths clear of vegetation and obstructions.

Pipelines Take Precedence

Despite most pipelines being underground, their infrastructure is just as complex as that of electrical power lines—and therefore, just as important to protect. Pipelines contain natural gases that, if the pipeline is damaged, can leak, wasting valuable resources and harming the environment in the process. Team members at Row-Care are trained in preserving the pipeline right-of-way path, which runs just above and around the pipeline, to ensure any necessary maintenance can be immediately addressed.

Townsend employee providing service on trees surrounding power lines.

Quality Line Clearance

Maintaining a pipeline right-of-way is also called line clearance. It involves the trimming, pruning, removal and clearing of debris or vegetation from above and around the pipeline right-of-way, keeping it easily accessible in the event of a leak or other issue. And, as the name suggests, because natural gas pipelines require the right-of-way, line clearance also involves the vacating of structures or other hazards causing any obstruction.

Extra-mile Care

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Experts overseeing your pipeline right-of-way

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Proven line clearance methods

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Allows ease of access for pipeline maintenance

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Minimized risk in a natural gas leak

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