Hazard Tree Programs

Protecting your power lines from trees that are dead, dying or highly likely to fall.

Because Prevention Is Key

The best time to address a hazard tree is before the damage is done. Whether it be age, fire or disease, hazard trees are an ever-present threat to power lines, particularly if they are close enough to fall directly into a line and cause an outage. So, we provide an ongoing program to prevent hazard tree damage and protect your power lines in perpetuity.

Townsend employee repelling from a tree

Stop Hazards in Their Tracks

No risk is worth taking when the safety of your utility crew and constituents is on the line. We carefully inspect your power line’s environment to assess trees that are dead, dying or likely to fall to decide on the appropriate approach for your needs. From there, our team proceeds with the utmost caution in safely removing the threats before they become an even larger problem for your power line.

Townsend employees preforming service on downed trees following a severe storm

Going Above and Beyond

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Consultative and ongoing support

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Proven methods for power line protection

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Adherence to the highest safety standards

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Hazards addressed before damage occurs

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